Marriage applications and divorces, June 2023

14 July 2023

St. Louis County

June marriage license applications

Aimee Tucker, Holyoke, and Dustin Dzuck, Holyoke

Michael Sirois, Duluth, and Amy McMillan, Duluth

Reece Lemke, St. Charles, Minnesota, and Jacqueline Kalmes, St. Charles, Minnesota

Mia Lonke, Hermantown, and Jordan Fahlsing, Hermantown

Ashley Schneider, Hermantown, and Andrew Dufner, Hermantown

Kasey Austin, Duluth, and Harley Gabel, Duluth

Grant Litynski, Golden Valley, Minnesota, and Sophia Taylor, Crystal, Minnesota

Robyn Young, Duluth, and Daniel Erickson, Duluth

Aaron Albertson, Duluth, and Amy Johnson, Duluth

Corey Anderson, Hermantown, and Heather Lory, Bemidji, Minnesota

Michael Lemmer, Duluth, and Connie Tate, Duluth

Johnathon Petts, Arpin, Wisconsin, and AmandaSweet, Arpin, Wisconsin

Athena Hatfield, Duluth, and Peter Kochevar, Duluth

Caralyn Hack, Bayfield, and Robert Campbell II, Barnum

Tina Foldeski, Duluth, and Barry Proffit, Duluth

Autumn Murphy, Duluth, and Anthony Clynch, Duluth

Jacob Curtis, Duluth, and Abigail Allen, Duluth

Wade Aamodt, Duluth, and Kristianna Konietzko, Duluth

William Dunnington, Duluth, and Jaimee Cahoon, Duluth

Dillion Ferguson, Shell Lake, Wisconsin, and Breanna Byrley, Hayward

Jeremy Nelson, Duluth, and Cheryl Claviter, Duluth

Tinamarie Davey, Duluth, and Trevis Swedeen, Duluth

Amy Schmitz, Mora, Minnesota, and Brian Harrington, Chanhassen, Minnesota

Emma Autio, Floodwood, and Michael Leppala, Duluth

Sierra Gage, Duluth, and Benjamin Peloquin, Duluth

Heidi Smith, Duluth, and David Warner, Duluth

Hunter Dornhecker, Superior, and Kaylee Finnegan, Clear Lake, Minnesota

Elizabeth Schilla, Duluth, and Jesse Merrill, Duluth

Elizabeth Schuetz, Shakopee, Minnesota, and Evan Holm, Duluth

Lindsey Hansen, Duluth, and Edward Emerson, Duluth

Maurion Travis, Duluth, and Kaila Campanella, Duluth

Marja Ostern, Duluth, and Samuel Stilwell, Spooner, Wisconsin

Benjamin Adrion, Duluth, and Sarah Phillips, Duluth

Arrue Hopkins, Wilmington, North Carolina, and Shapray Hendricks, Hampstead, North Carolina

Lia Zagars, Hermantown, and Calvin Thompson, Hermantown

Amy Stepanek, Duluth, and Christopher Messina, Duluth

Easton Syvertson, Paynesville, Minnesota, and Alison Bryant, Arlington, Texas

Joshua Neumann, Duluth, and Jennifer Schwietz, Duluth

Alayna Wry, Pasco, Washington, and Cole Stokke, Pasco, Washington

Iris Kolodji, Duluth, and Aaron Sundmark, Duluth

Micah Kantonen, Duluth, and Tess Enroth, Duluth

Yan Dong, Duluth, and Lucas Pauken, Duluth

Josie Amo, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, and Garret Christopherson, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota

Evan Goodell, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Anna Kristensen, Indianapolis, Indiana

Renee Vandermause, Isabela, Puerto Rico, and Kevin Sanabria Gomez, Isabela, Puerto Rico

Alyssa Wargin, Duluth, and Zachery Bauers, Duluth

Allyson Ohmann, Duluth, and Elizabeth Walker, Spooner

Elizabeth Graham, Duluth, and Andrew Larson, Duluth

Jordan Wheat, Duluth, and Ryan Burt, Duluth

Jonathan Van Auken, Champlin, Minnesota, and Lane Robinson, Champlin, Minnesota

Griffin Neu, Hermantown, and Danielle Mattson, Hermantown

John Lehman, Rice Lake, Wisconsin, and Ellie O’Flanagan, Cameron, Wisconsin

Danielle Huse, Duluth, and Anthony Bellacero II, Duluth

Amanda Duerr, Duluth, and Samuel Fladeboe, Duluth

Taylor Kunkel, Hayward, and Joseph Stark, Hayward

Madelyn Johnson, Cloquet, and Zachary Vanderpool, Cloquet

Felisha Mann, Duluth, and Alex Riggio, Duluth

Daniel Oliver, Cotton, and Linda Peterson, Cotton

Mae Balter, Eveleth, and Danika Dertinger, Eveleth

Jordan Dols, Duluth, and Misty St. Germaine, Duluth

John Barnstorf, Duluth, and Lauren Williams, Duluth

Madison Hynek, Duluth, and Jordan Lyons, Duluth

Megan Hautajarvi, Duluth, and Brody Russell, duluth

Kenneth McNulty Duluth, and Michelle Vandell, Duluth

Amy Addy, Saginaw, and Justin Mayne, Silver Bay

Andrew Choquette, Duluth, and Jessica Haig, Duluth

Brett Mlaskoch, Willow River, and Natalie Jensen, Willow River

Scott Collins, Superior, and Kristin Settergren, Hermantown

Adrienne Skelton, Duluth, and Carter Williams, Duluth

Alyssa Soetebier, Duluth, and Jared Graves, Duluth

Dale Lewis, Duluth, and Holly Sampson, Duluth

David Manderfeld, Hermantown, and Laura Fenstad, Hermantown

Joshua Gregorich, Grand Forks, North Dakota, and Celestine Obachi, Grand Forks, North Dakota

Patrick Stemper, Harvard, Illinois, and Jean Singleton, Harvard, Illinois

Brandon Barbee, Duluth, and Stephanie Smith, Cloquet

Jason Lasee, Ashland, and Elouise Guderian, Ashland

Austin Enneking, Canyon, and Kori Monahan, Canyon

Austin Ferguson, South Range, and Paige Lambert, South Range

Isaac Starc, Duluth, and Saori Nakazawa, Urumia, Okinawa, Japan

Michael Grubb, Duluth, and Nancy Nelsen, Duluth

Kalley Seeger, Duluth, and Caleb Greseth, Duluth

Anthony Towner, Hastings, Minnesota, and Cassandra Hanson, Red Wing, Minnesota

Harley Smith, Duluth, and Tiarra Orcutt, Duluth

Theresa Bakken-Matt, Superior, and Ryan Bauer, Superior

Brandon Greifzu, Saginaw, and Lindsey Weme, Saginaw

Amanda Halvorson, Duluth, and Jacob Johnson, Duluth

Jason Hanson, Hermantown, and Kimberly Johnson, Hermantown

Dissolutions of marriage

Wesley Compton, Waynesville, Missouri, and Raina Compton, Duluth

Marisa Stevens, Duluth, and Dallas Stevens, Duluth

Carol Breckenridge, Aurora, and Scott Breckenridge, Cleveland, Ohio

Brian Johnson, Superior, and Roxanne Johnson, Duluth

Kurt Verville, Hermantown, and Ava Verville, Duluth

Ann Reyelts, Duluth, and David Reyelts, Duluth

Megan Anderson, Duluth and Grant Anderson, Esko

Tara Goodreau, Duluth, and Nicholas Maida, Duluth

Martina Jeka, Duluth, and Michael Jeka, Duluth

Kathleen Rotter, Hermantown, and Raymond Rotter, Hermantown

Anthony Derrick, Superior, and Jennifer Derrick, Duluth

Shari Brown, Duluth, and Michael Brown, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Deborah Stenseng, Duluth, and Robert Stenseng, Duluth

Bradley Zimmerman, Minneapolis, and Madyson Zimmerman, Duluth

Dallas Lundholm, Duluth, and Brandon Havens, West Liberty, Kentucky

Lyn Ellingson, Duluth, and Patricia Ellingson, Duluth

John Verrill, Duluth, and Brittany Verrill, Duluth

Jennifer Gilbert, Proctor, and Gordon Gilbert, Osakis, Minnesota


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