Will the University of Minnesota soon require school ID to access any part of campus?

14 July 2023

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While the University of Minnesota is considering requiring identification at additional buildings, it will not affect all of them, a spokesperson from UMN told MinnPost.

Currently, about half of the university’s 280 buildings require “U Card” identification. The UMN Department of Public Safety is in talks with facilities management leadership to require access via U Card at 70 more buildings. These buildings are primarily for student, faculty and staff use, the spokesperson said.

Common public use buildings such as “libraries, museums and common space venues” will not adjust their access.

If the plan is adopted, access to public events will reportedly not be affected, as buildings can be updated for specific occasions.

These changes are being discussed on a “building by building basis” and in consultation with the occupants of each building.

Security discussions have been ongoing since the university went under lockdown during the first wave of the pandemic.

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