Minnesota’s first cat cafe relocating from Uptown to Roseville

16 July 2023

Minnesota’s first cat cafe is moving from Uptown to Roseville.

The Cafe Meow, a business that fosters cats while providing cat-focused activities along with food and drink for the public, opened five years ago at 2323 Hennepin Ave. and said the support it has received has been “amazing,” according to a Facebook post.

The cafe has outgrown its space and needs “a more spacious layout that caters to the amenities we have discovered along the way, which will better support us and our customers.”

The Cafe Meow also has New Hope location.

Visitors have access to a coffee shop and a cat lounge, which charges a cover fee. They can buy merchandise and locally made treats along with coffee and tea. They’re encouraged to “relax, study, or work” as long as they want, the business says on its website.

The Cafe Meow hosts events such as “Paint Your Cat On Canvas” and “Yoga with Cats.”

The cat-lounge cover fees are said to cover the cost of fostering the 20 to 30 cats that are on hand at any given time. All are available for adoption.

“By visiting the cats not only is it a fun relaxing way for you to spend some time, the cats benefit greatly by becoming more socialized before finding their forever home,” the website says.

The Roseville digs at 1718A Lexington Ave. N. are scheduled to be open after Aug. 27.

For now, “we hope to see all our regulars this month and next,” the Facebook post says. “We hope that our current regulars chose to still visit us at our new Roseville location or at our New Hope location. We look forward to meeting new regulars and meeting all the wonderful people in the Roseville and St. Paul community.”

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