Bygones: 100 years ago, monkeys raced electric cars in Duluth

17 July 2023

News Tribune, July 17, 1983
The decline in Northeastern Minnesota’s unemployment rate the last three months indicates a long-term recovery may be on the way, according to Glenn Gronseth of UMD. Gronseth said Duluth’s recovery will follow the national recovery but at a slower rate. Yesterday, 39 boats began the Trans-Superior sailboat race, the world’s longest freshwater yacht race, from a starting line just off Canal Park. The boats are racing 390 miles from Duluth to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

News Tribune, July 17, 1923

For the first time in history, Duluth women will participate in the Northwestern Tennis Championship tournament beginning this weekend in Minneapolis. Athena Kennedy and Mary Alice Gale will uphold the honor of Duluth against a list of national stars. The Duluth American Legion Festival began last night at the 31st Avenue West circus lot with the Con T. Kennedy Show’s traveling carnival. Thousands of Duluthians enjoyed a variety of amusements, including alligator wrestling and a monkey speedway with monkeys racing electric cars.]]>

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