Bygones: Superior’s South Pole Bar exploded 40 years ago

18 July 2023

News Tribune, July 18, 1983
Superior’s South Pole Bar was destroyed by an explosion and fire last night after lightning struck the attic of the building. No one was injured in the tavern at 1811 Central Ave., but the fire caused $25,000 damage to the building. Just before midnight last night, the leaders of the 390-mile Trans-Superior sailboat race were reported to be off the Keweenaw Peninsula near Eagle Harbor. Visibility was unlimited and the wind was out of the west at ten knots.

News Tribune, July 18, 1923

Iron Range Masons will hold a dedication ceremony for the Virginia municipal building tomorrow afternoon. The dedication will mark the end of a three-month period of construction in which the basement and much of the first floor have been completed. The ninth-annual reunion of the Vermilion Range Old Settlers Association will be held July 26 and 27 in Ely. It promises to be the largest meeting ever held by the association, with more than 3,000 people expected to attend.]]>

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