Duluth City Council to introduce marijuana smoking ordinance

19 July 2023

DULUTH Three city councilors announced Wednesday their intent to introduce an ordinance that would ban marijuana smoking and vaping in public spaces.

In a news release, councilors Arik Forsman, Roz Randorf and Terese Tomanek said the proposed ordinance explicitly prohibits smoking or vaping of marijuana in all public parks, streets, sidewalks and easements, as well as publicly owned properties and municipally owned or operated parking facilities.

Smoking of tobacco is regulated by city ordinance, but recent changes to state law eliminated statutory prohibitions to smoking and vaping marijuana in public.

Legal recreational marijuana use in Minnesota is set to begin Aug. 1. The release describes the legislation as a means to “proactively address potential public health and safety concerns brought about by the state law changes.”

“Today we are taking common sense action to maintain a safe, clean, and healthy environment for all residents and visitors of Duluth in our outdoor public spaces,” said Forsman. “This ordinance reflects our commitment to strike a balance between personal freedoms and safeguarding the interests of non-smokers, families, and children from secondhand marijuana smoke.”

Forsman is the lead author of the proposed ordinance, which is expected to be introduced at the Monday council meeting and face a vote Aug. 14. The release said the proposed ordinance is the first to govern public marijuana smoking put forward by a municipality in Minnesota since the state laws repealing its prohibition passed in the last session of the Minnesota Legislature.


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