MINUTES 6.26.23

19 July 2023


School Board Proceedings
ISD 492
Austin, MN

The Austin School Board held a special meeting on 6/26/23 in the District Office Conf Room, 401 Third Ave NW in Austin. Chair Green called meeting to order at 4 pm. Members present Kathy Green, Carolyn Dube, Cece Kroc, Don Leathers, Carol McAlister, Evan Sorenson and Peggy Young. No members absent.
Leathers/Young approval of agenda, 7-0
Dube/McAlister approval of five-year lease with RCC for Adult Basic Ed, 7-0
Dube/McAlister approval of Long Term Facilities Maintenance ten-year plan, 7-0
Dube/McAlister to award 2023-24 dairy bid to Kemps, 7-0
Dube/McAlister to award 2023-24 bakery bid to Pan O’Gold of St. Cloud, 7-0
Young/Dube approval of 2023-24 original budget, 7-0
Young/Kroc to adjourn at 4:56 pm, 7-0
By: Carolyn Dube, Clerk

Austin Daily Herald:
July 19, 2023
MINUTES 6.26.23

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