Did a national poll find that 86% of transgender and nonbinary youth reported negative mental health effects from anti-trans legislation?

21 July 2023

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A national poll asked lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning people age 13 to 24, “How have recent debates about state laws restricting the rights of LGBTQ young people impacted your mental health?”

Among respondents who identified as trans and/or non-binary, 43% said “very negatively” and 43% “somewhat negatively,” a total of 86%.

Among all respondents, the total was 71%.

The poll of 716 LGBTQ+ youth was conducted online between Oct. 23 and Nov. 2, 2022, by Morning Consult.

The Wisconsin Legislative LGBTQ+ Caucus cited the poll July 12, 2023, in criticizing bills announced by two Republican Wisconsin state lawmakers.

The Republicans said their legislation “would preserve female and male categories for athletics at the K-12 and collegiate level, open to all persons based on their biological sex listed on their birth certificate, along with the creation of an optional co-ed category which would be open to all athletes.”

This fact brief, originally published by Wisconsin Watch, is responsive to conversations such as this one. Read a full discussion at Wisconsin Watch.


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