Superior Youth Organization board member ‘injured in altercation’ near youth ballgame

21 July 2023

SUPERIOR A Superior Youth Organization board member was injured in an altercation with another person during a youth baseball game at the Hayes Sport Complex near Field No. 1 Thursday evening.

According to a statement from the SYO, the board member was checking out what “sounded like an animal in distress near the complex.” As he walked toward the sound, an altercation took place between the board member and another person. The board member sustained injuries and was treated by the Superior Fire Department and later at an emergency room for additional treatment.

“We took safety precautions around the complex to keep players and spectators safe,” wrote SYO president Ryan Stovern in a statement. “All coaches and umpires were alerted to the situation and the game being played on Field #1 was moved to Field #2.”

Stovern went on to thank the Superior Police Department for their quick actions in responding to the incident.

“At no time did we feel any additional threat towards those at the complex thanks to the actions taken by SPD,” Stovern wrote. “Again, we took precautions as we felt were necessary. If at any time SPD had said shut down everything, we would have taken that course of action.”

No information from the police department regarding the incident has been released yet.


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