Virtual event: Sun Orioles journalists answer subscriber questions after the trade deadline

21 July 2023

With a firm hold on a playoff spot and a stocked farm system, the Orioles are in position to be one of the bigger buyers ahead of Major League Baseball’s trade deadline, if they want to be. They’ve already added to their bullpen, though, and further help may already be here in the form of prospects and players returning from injuries.

Whatever the Orioles’ roster looks like after 6 p.m. ET Aug. 1, there will be plenty to talk about as a team many experts and sportsbooks wrote off makes its playoff push. Your subscription is your pass to a virtual Q&A with Baltimore Sun Orioles reporters Nathan Ruiz and Jacob Calvin Meyer, moderated by Sun sports content editor C.J. Doon. To participate, return to this page at noon ET on Friday, Aug. 4. (Use the adjacement button to add the event to popular digital calendars.)

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