Sainted & Tainted: ‘It’s hard to say enough good things about all the people with whom I have interacted’

22 July 2023


I recently lost my 101+ year-old mom, Irene. She, and I, were blessed with her relatively quick, peaceful, pain-free death. Over the past several years we received assistance with her care through the many services provided by Ramsey County’s Medical Assistance program. Wow! It is hard to say enough good things about all the people with whom I have interacted during those years.

Everyone I have dealt with truly cared about her. They are competent professionals and were always attentive and compassionate. In this day and age of so much social discord and global horror, they are a beacon of what is right about humanity. I am particularly proud of this organization as a born-and-raised Saint Paulite. These people make a meaningful, apolitical, difference. Thank you.

Jim Bracke, Eden Prairie


Sainted – the couple who lives across the street from Geranium Park in Maplewood. They have planted lots of flowers – along the curb, in their yard and in the space between their and their neighbor’s driveway. Sainted for beautifying the neighborhood.

Sainted – the gentleman who walks along Maryland Avenue between McKnight Road and Century Avenue and around the neighborhood picking up trash that people have left behind. Thank you, sir.

Lois Lynch, Maplewood


I’ve been a Twins fan since 1987. Two World Series, every opener, except this year had to miss. I have never been as disappointed in the team as I have been this year, (so far). To be in first place as they were and playing like they were is unacceptable. Bright spots are mostly the pitching and defense. Seems to be lots of injuries, but every team goes through that. There seems to be no fire in their playing and a lackadaisical attitude. There is time to turn this season around, however. Coaching needs to be part of it but the players need to remember who they’re playing for in one of the most beautiful parks in baseball.

I am not alone in being frustrated. People say to me, Weezy, what’s wrong with your Twins?

So, on to a better second half of the season.

Louise Schostek, St. Paul


To the kind cashier at Trader Joe’s on Lexington in St. Paul. Not only did you take the time to ask what I was doing, you really listened, especially when I mentioned that I was going to my mother’s memory care to give her a shower. I told the cashier that she didn’t like showers but my sister and I have been going on her shower days to make it easier on her with a familiar face and our presence.

As I was walking out the door you called out to me and gave me a bouquet of flowers to give to my mom. I am so touched and grateful that there are still people in this crazy world like you.

I didn’t get your name, but thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kathy Myers, Forest Lake


A huge tainted for lack of traffic control after fireworks at Eagan’s July 4th Funfest. Fireworks were done at 10:20 and we finally exited the Central Park Commons parking lot at 12:01. There was zero traffic movement in the parking lot for 90 minutes and only a few cars seen moving southbound on Pilot Knob Road, when it should have been a steady stream of cars going that direction if they had been able to use the east exit from the lot onto Pilot Knob (there is only a southbound turn allowed there — a right turn!).

Why was traffic at a standstill for 90 minutes? People have to get home with little kids, to get up for work the next morning, to use the bathroom, etc.

Kathleen Coates, Inver Grove Heights


On a recent morning I was to follow my husband across the Lafayette Bridge to an automotive repair garage near Phalen Parkway. It was still rush hour and I lost him. I did get to Phalen, and pulled over to try to find the garage.  Shortly, a squad car pulled up behind me, warning me that I was in danger of being rear-ended.

Officer Todd Tessmer and his partner Matt Flynn not only figured out where I was supposed to go, but also guided me to the garage, where my husband was waiting.

As far as I am concerned, these two busy officers went above and beyond their responsibilities to help me out.

Kudos to these officers, and thanks to you both.

Ingrid Peterson, Inver Grove Heights


Last weekend I saw an article about what to do with the land at the corner of Snelling and University.  Apparently discussions are for a park? Maybe a hotel.

A park? What are they thinking?

We need restaurants and retail, and a hotel. People are coming to see soccer games. Not a park. Could someone with common sense step up here?

I grew up in the Midway. I remember the days of shopping and eating.  If we wanted a park, we went to Como.

Paula Manthey, St. Paul


A Sainted shout-out to the Pioneer Press and Mary Divine for the enlightening story of Adam Swanson, the young man from St. Paul Central High School who spent 22 months biking through much of Europe and beyond. Mary took the time to share extensive details of how Adam accepted the hospitality of strangers, and came to know himself and the common folk of obscure villages along the way.

I loved his takeaway from his adventure, “I learned an important lesson; how to be happy with little.”

Well done, Adam. Well done, Mary.

Steve Molin, Woodbury

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